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Merchant Cash Advances

Occasionally, your business may need extra working capital but is unable to obtain a traditional bank loan. You may suddenly need to increase inventory or advertising budgets, hire additional staff, expand or upgrade equipment, all of which may have seemed almost impossible, until now.Card Payment Systems can provide you with cash advances without applying to a bank.

A merchant credit card cash advance from Card Payment Systems can be approved as quickly as 2 weeks with no application fee, no fixed payments or schedule, and is completely automated. You simply make payments back to Card Payment Systems based on a predetermined percentage of your future credit card sales only after your sale is made, until your financial obligation to us is completed.

Just present minimum qualifying criteria to be approved for a merchant credit card cash advance. With a cash advance, there are no liens or second mortgages against your home or business, and no debt is incurred.

Use a cash advance for anything your business may need:

  • Advertising
  • Equipment
  • Renovations
  • Expansion
  • Inventory
  • Taxes
  • Emergencies

Contact us today to get started on a FREE review to determine if a merchant cash advance is right for your business. Learn more about merchant processing services and equipment from Card Payment Systems. Getting started is easy. Just call us and speak with one of our expert consultants:

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