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EMV Credit Card Payment Terminals

Whether you accept card payments on-site or virtually, Card Payment Systems can provide you the card payment processing terminals and systems you need, including conventional desktop models to wireless and mobile card readers:

  • PC-based processing
  • Free-standing terminals
  • Dial-up terminals
  • Wireless terminals
  • Touch screen interfaces
  • POS mobile phone terminals

All the EMV processing terminals we market are user-friendly and equipped with advanced security features. We provide all the support you need to quickly get up and running, including professional recommendations on the appropriate features and hardware units for your business, including:

Dejavoo® Z8
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Dejavoo® Z9
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Dejavoo® Z11
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Hypercom® T4210
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Ingenico® iCT220
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Ingenico® iCT250)
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PAX® S80
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PAX® S90
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Verfone® VX520
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